The Cut Up - Raw Horror Movie Satisfaction!The Cut Up - Raw Horror Movie Satisfaction!The Cut Up - Raw Horror Movie Satisfaction!

Orphan (2009)

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v badbunny said...

hm. WOW!

i had to laugh at your observation about comments...there are blogs out there, good ones, with hundreds of followers and maybe 4 comments on a post. you have to have he right follwers! i'm still figuring that out.

awesome review! this movie creeped the shit out of me at the end. i agreed with the whole demon mother thing... oblivious man whose stupidity puts people in danger... oh yes, hollywood is sexist as well. shocking, huh?

keep it up! don't let em get you down ;)

off to check if you've reviewed one of my all time faves, the descent.


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Henry white said...

I have seen the movie and it is good.

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