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It's not just Horror anymore! (Mission Statement)

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If you're viewing this, is no longer being updated...because it's located at! A whole new, beautiful blog. Read on for more details about that.

Today, March 20th, 2011, The Cut Up is four years old. I've toyed with the idea of abandoning the blog several times as it's gotten stale over the years. I did, after all, take five or six months off last year to try to make it fresh again but it didn't help much. Horror movies just don't hold the same luster that they once did for me.

Don't get me wrong, I will still watch horror movies and the classics will never die. However, before the internet decided to hold a candle for every cult classic (and therefore, ruining the entire definition of it) I used to think I was introducing people to movies they might otherwise have never heard of. Sadly, this isn't the case.

Sure, I'll be introducing these things for new people, but my viewers are usually people who are already in the thick of horror and know all about what I'm talking about. And for me, I'll never understand why people who have already seen Saw IV, care what I have to say about it. You've seen it, form your own opinion, the end. Wouldn't you rather I find a rare gem and tell you about that one? Perhaps a movie maybe 3% of the internet knows about?

Originally, I wanted to start my own blog where I wrote silly reviews of crappy B horror movies. The original title of the blog was The B Movie Cut Up and you can see this on some of the old videos from 07'. Go ahead, do yourself a disfavor and check out some of the old reviews. The writing in some parts holds up a bit, but the early videos are pretty bad. I had a microphone that came with my old PC and used Windows Movie Maker to splice together some poorly edited shorts. Shorts that involved Best and Worst Scenes, Best and Worst Quotes and Continuity Errors (which always started fights amongst the users on Youtube).

Videos were not introduced to The Cut Up until a few months after the Blog started. I found out I could splice videos and talk over them like MST3K used to do (The now Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic crews) so I was all for it. I believe they started popping up on Revver during the summer of 2007. I'm not sure why but I really wanted to avoid Youtube at first. I think it had something to do with trying to get all the attention on the blog. I really wanted (and still want) a nice following on the blog with user comments aplenty. After a few months of no comments and no respect, I decided to swap up to Youtube and start feeding the beast.

It was also easier to feed the beast right from iMovie as I finally purchased my first mac and was able to easily edit, splice, record and upload right from the same program. This streamlined a lot of the process of making videos and brought some more quality to it. Somewhere in this mix, The B Movie Cut Up was shortened to just, The Cut Up.

Things went great on Youtube! I started getting user comments all the time on the videos, but no one would ever visit the blog. According to Blogger, I'm still only at about 45 followers. Even though that's just people who have blogs on the network, I still did not receive more than one comment every six months...if I was lucky.

At this time, I attempted to get people to post and comment by creating a review for The Killer Shrews. The film is a really crappy B movie, that was actually riffed on by MST3K. It's a black and white movie that depicts racism by having the main characters butler or servant or whatever the hell he's supposed to be, not only wait on him but also be made to wait on the boat for them to come back and to end up dying first at the paws of the killer shrews. In the review I wanted people to comment with other movies I could review that featured a black person dying first so we could prove that cinema was originally very racist.

It's no secret, obviously I didn't need to do this to promote the site or prove the racism of Hollywood because it's all true; everyone knows it. To this day, I have never once received a movie suggestion from anyone on this topic! I would say it's because of it being so damn obvious, but really I'm sure it's because genre film fans are typically white, southern and more than likely, already racist. I could just imagine some guy behind his computer watching the review saying "Well hell yeah, dems movies is racists! I loves em!"

In April of 08' I created a new intro and title cards for the cut up. I also created a new intro song, just trying to create a really gritty, dirty sounding guitar to make it feel horror-ish (and yes I played the guitar on that, with some distorted bass...the drums are straight from Garageband Loops, which to this day I still find funny as there was a user on Youtube who liked to point out that the drums were off time. The drums are in perfect time...they're looped. If it sounds off, it was my terrible guitar playing!)

Toward the end of 08', I found that not only had I gotten my first Youtube Copyright Violation, but I had also reached 1,000 subscribers! Woo!

In early 09' I was still using Revver for my blog, since I already had the blog set up in a certain way to use the embeds from it (call it laziness), and Youtube was for the masses. I still believe to this day that the normal youtube watcher doesn't know how to leave that site. If it's not on Youtube, it ain't gettin' watched! However, Revver started acting up a lot. I needed to either switch my blog feed to Youtube or find a new high quality service to upload to.

Some time after, I found I love this website. I still use it and it allows me to do so much with what I do. Unfortunately, though I had saved most of my videos and could reupload them to Blip, the format in which I had saved them wasn't great. If you already went back and watched some of the old episodes, you'll see that some of them are cut off on the sides. The movie clips themselves look fine but the title cards look horrendously clipped. Part of it had to do with the Cut Up moving from standard resolution to widescreen...whatever the case, they look kind of crappy but I assure you the original version probably didn't look much better.

A year after my first Youtube Violation, I got my first Youtube Suspension. This is when i started to really disrespect the Youtube crowd, as this was for something they deemed inappropriate. These were videos that the Youtube police didn't find at first and were reported by users on the page for the video by a big link that said "Report this Video." I'm sure I pissed off someone as this happened a few times to me.

At this time in 09' I also tried my hand at starting a podcast, that I might have done maybe two or three episodes of. I found it way too hard to balance my time to do both the blog and the podcast and I was upset that I didn't get followers immediately (wah wah). As far as I'm concerned though, good riddance. It wasn't very good at all. This podcast, however, was a cry for help on my part. I needed to work on something new!

Come March 2010, The Cut Up turns three and I am sick and tired of doing movie reviews...So I take a hiatus. From March till September, I tried to do other things. I tried recording some gameplay of Left 4 Dead 2 and doing some interviews at a convention to spice it up but this didn't help my standing with the blog. Come September, I felt a little better and was able to do some cut ups before November and December when I was hit with another blow. Youtube had permanently banned me.

I had reached almost 6,000 followers if I remember correctly and I was taken off the site by MGM and Jeff Lieberman, the guy who directed Satan's Little Helper. Sure, I ripped into the movie a little bit, but if anything I exposed his movie for a lot of people. I had many viewers on Youtube talking about parts they liked and parts they hated and it was a very popular video. It seems odd to me that a horror director, making movies on no budget, would want to give me the boot. If anything, he should send me a thank you for giving his movie some attention!

Since then I've been very unmotivated by The Cut Up, like it was the straw the broke The Cutter's back. I've thought about going the four years and calling it on today just saying, "Hey, enjoy the fruits of my labor but don't expect to see The Cutter again." Or even to make a post that I was closing down on April first and leave it there as a cruel joke but instead I decided to take a different route.

I didn't want to quit because I like editing and telling stupid jokes and above all, I like watching movies. But in order for things to be fresh and fun again, I need to do something different. Something drastic that I'm sure the hardcore fans might be very surprised by. Cut Up's of other genres!

Starting in April, I'll also have different themed months every other month exploring series, directors, film companies, etc. April is for Godzilla, June I will return to horror and do the Ginger Snaps series and in August I will be doing some Pixar movies! In between I'm going to be reviewing anything but horror for a while, so don't be surprised if you start seeing some Romantic Comedies or something to that effect. The Cutter, cutting up a rom-com? No way! We'll see!

So, see you in April, and thank you to everyone who has stuck by me (Just comment a bit more? Pretty please? I promise to always reply!). This is a whole new leaf we're turning over, I'm very excited and I think it's going to be a lot of fun and full of badassness!

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