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Dr. Giggles (1992)

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Allan said...

I must have been in a really bad mood when I watched this for the first time a couple years back, because I REALLY hated it. My guess is because it showed a little too much fidelity to the cliches I love--to the point of unintended self-satire. I mean, even in 1992 they had to know how ridiculous it was to kill the black couple first.

That said, the reasons you give for your fondness for the film and those from its period are remarkably close to my own--you just have to go back a decade.

Anonymous said...

I love your favorite era as well, but I just have those memories of renting with my sister when we were kids so it hits harder. With that said, the 80's were MUCH different for horror than the 90's so I coule see why you hate it.

The 90's were such a strange time for horror before it found its footing with Scream. After the slasher-craze, it seemed like they had no idea what to do with the genre and it shows. So we get all of these funny, quirky, out of place movies.

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