The Cut Up - Raw Horror Movie Satisfaction!The Cut Up - Raw Horror Movie Satisfaction!The Cut Up - Raw Horror Movie Satisfaction!


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Aaron Teschner said...

Finally saw this movie. Was surprised how impressed I was. There were a lot of things that bugged me about the film, like Hud's constant yammering, and those oh-so fateful "we're out of the woods" sort of statements that seem to demand that the movie get back at them for being too confident.

BUT, it was the monster movie I had been waiting for, one that focused on the little guys. No honcho scientists or military types, no explanations or snuggle time with the monster, just dealing with real the very real problem of avoiding being a splat on the road.

For all its faults I can't get past that gut reaction of enjoyment I had, and I have to say that when I was walking around my city after the film, I was happy at how quiet things were. I guess I go to movies to remind me real life could be a lot worse :)

nickrm1997 said...

i agree thst does sound like donald duck and that duck from tom and jerry

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