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Max is the co-founder of a local television station called Channel 83. His station is widely known for its racy content and trying to up the ante every chance it gets.

When Max stumbles onto a feed of a show called Videodrome, he can't believe his eyes when he sees a basic cable version of a snuff film and wants nothing more than for this show to become a Channel 83 exclusive.

Through twists and turns in discovering the videos roots, Max finds out that Videodrome is much more than he ever thought it could become; or that he could stomach.

"Yah! Yah!"

Videodrome is a rarity in that, not only is it a very smart film that has deep, psychological ideas about where the media was going back in 1983 but it is also a type of thriller/horror film. It will scare you, but not with that normal JUMP scare tactic; it'll root itself in your mind and make you think. (Don't worry, it still has a little bit of that gore flavor for you too.)

Videodrome brings up a very interesting topic about the human mind and how it perceives reality. Do we, as humans, really beleive television to the point where we believe it to be reality? Is what we see on television so real in our minds that it becomes our past, present and future?

A perfect blend of television ideology and fictional sci-fi. Throughout the movie, David Cronenberg makes thearoies about our relation to the media and damn near predicts the future of it. By having lines like "In the future, all of us will have special names that we'll go by". Remind anyone of the internet? Mr. Cronenberg made this movie in 1983, folks. Fictional, indeed.

"Hey, can you get Playboy on this thing? What? Snuff movies? Great..."

James Woods does a great job of trying to figure out this crazy situation and becomes a believable, resident bad ass in the process. Everyone who plays his support and antagonists do a great job to make this freaky idea believable, as well.

The music totally fits the mood of the movie, that of a dark feeling. The pacing is perfect as well. It takes a little bit for the really crazy stuff to start happening (about 50-60 minutes) but the beginning and set-up is interesting in it's own merit. Once the freaky stuff starts happening, you almost feel like the movie has taken a drastic turn into a whole new world; and you'd be right.

If you like deep rooted, thought provoking movies with a thriller/horror spin, then Videodrome is a perfect choice. Personally, I would mark this movie as a must see for everyone, not just because of it getting a Choice Cut award but because of the thought and paranoia it may provoke.

Long live the new flesh!

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Videodrome Rocks!

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luff videodrome

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