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Write Up: Halloween (2007)

It was only a few years ago that we found out Rob Zombie would be heading the new remake of Halloween. Photos and specks of information have been released throughout it's production but always left you with a mysterious feeling. Will it be good? Will it be god awful? Will it be the best Halloween movie of them all? Now, on August 31st of 2007, Halloween, the Rob Zombie brand flick is playing in theaters everywhere and we can finally find out if all the hype was worth it.

(Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead!)

The morning of the 1st of September, I had my ticket and a hope that maybe the new movie wouldn't let down the legion of Halloween fans and the John Carpenter legacy. There is a lot riding on this movie, due to the fact that it will spawn a crap-ton of sequels if it does well. After reading a couple of negative reviews and finding out that the general consensus is "Rob Zombie doesn't know what he is doing..." I had a small idea of what i was getting into and was ready to deal with the consequences.

By the ticket taker, I walked, and armed with my fresh bag of popcorn and Pepsi (sadly, no coke) I went into theater number 12 and sat to "enjoy" the show.

The movie starts off with Micheal as a child. He has a very dysfunctional family who all sound like they're from Texas (even though they're in Illinois). In fact, the only member one he gets along with is his baby sister, whom he calls Boo. Upon first impression, I was totally reminded of House of 1,000 Corpses and prayed that it didn't go that route. Luckily, this is just the movie explaining how little Micheal become the way he is. After we see his messed up lifestyle and we see that he kills little animals for fun (several, and he has pictures too) he kills the school bully, his dad and sister, and he is put into an insane asylum.

In comes Dr. Loomis, his psychologist, who is trying figure out what is going on in this boys head. Micheal apparently doesn't remember what he did but continues on with his oddness in creating masks and murdering a nurse. His mother, after continued support, just can't take it anymore. She ends up taking her own life and leaves behind only her little daughter, Boo.

Fifteen years later, we catch up with Boo, whom is now known as Laurie. She's a typical high school girl who babysits and talks to her friends about boys. Oh yes, everything is going great for them on Halloween...until Micheal Myers escapes from his Asylum.

Throughout the day, Laurie sees him in his jumpsuit and once, her friends even make fun of him. As it gets dark, the movie then just pretty much repeats what the original did.

Starting off with the good, the movie isn't completely terrible, despite what critics are saying. The beginning with Micheal as a child was very refreshing. Part of me almost wished the whole movie was about Micheal as a child because he was much more interesting to watch than as an adult.

The cinematography in the film was good too. There were some scenes that they threw in there where I actually said "Wow, that was a nice shot!"

As far as gripes go, when he was a child, i wish they would've included a scene where little Micheal used to cut himself up badly because of his life. I feel this would've added a dynamic in the sense of "Oh, that's how he can take so much physical abuse!" As if he had built up a tolerance to pain. I felt that if you were going to explain his reasons for being the way he was, why not go all the way and try to explain it all?

The pacing is a bit lame too. I feel like him as a child was going in a very good direction and then it changes and slows the pace of the movie down to snail speed. We were cruising and learning about the mind of Micheal and then it's thrown into obscurity by the sudden change of "Okay, now it's time to start killing as an adult..."

Even though the cinematography was good in some parts, there were some scenes that were so damn dark, I had a hard time telling what was going on. I know this is a horror movie, but yeesh, most movies have a dark lighting you can at least see.

I see many people complaining about the acting but I'm not sure if I can agree with that sentiment. Sure, the original had Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis but they became stars over time, just as these people will. Plus it's not like the acting was a perfect ten in the original. I beleive Malcolm Mcdowall did pretty good as Dr. Loomis as well. I can say, however, that I felt no bond with any of the characters except for little Micheal.

I also saw a lot of people complaining about the language. Well, it's a Rob Zombie movie, you should know what to expect from him as far as swearing and the such. As far as bad dialog goes, this is a Halloween movie about girls who like boys. Of course they're going to talk like high school girls, of course they're going to try overly hard to seem like high school girls and of course it'll be annoying. I thought the whole idea was that Micheal Myers is pulling them out of their normal environment to remind them about their mortality.

As far as going to see it, I'm iffy to pick a side. I don't regret going to see the movie at all but if you're a hardcore Halloween fan from way back, then I wouldn't bother as you will be sorely disappointed. Regardless, expect to see Halloween 2 in the next two years.

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