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Mosquito Man

A research lab is doing harmless DNA tests on Mosquito's but when a prisoner is being escorted through the area, he breaks free only to find that he has been infected with a virus from the mosquitoes that is quickly turning him into one!

He's not alone, however, as the labs scientist Jennifer, has also been infected, though at a much slower pace. The problem is, this manly mosquito is trying to mate with her!

Will her and her detective boyfriend be able to stop Mosquito Man?

"How are ya baybee?!"

Mosquito Man (or known as Mansquito to some who apparently saw it on Sci-fi first) is a mixed bag of a horror movie. While there aren't a lot of bad things you can say about it, there aren't a lot of good or great things you can say either.

The first thing I must say is for a low budget B movie, this movie actually seems to have had quite a large budget for some of the things they pulled off. Aerial camera shots, explosions, quite a bit of digital effects and a big bug suit. The special effects were pretty damn good for this B movie.

Other good things include most of the acting being decent and the death scenes are really fun. Especially as the movie progresses and the Mosquito Man develops his new abilities.

"You're cheating on me?...With a bug!?"

My biggest gripe with Mosquito Man is the dialog, honestly. It's so bland and boring that you really become disinterested by what their saying and literally saying out loud "When is the next kill?!" Luckily the death scenes are fun. Because of this, the pacing suffers and you really want to skip scenes, but won't because you're afraid of missing the Mosquito Mans next appearance.

I almost feel like the movie should have been called Mosquito Woman because it shows the chronological dealings that Jennifer has with the Virus just as much, if not more than they show the Mosquito Man killing. They could’ve even called it, When Mosquito Man met Jennifer. The plot has a lot to do with the fact that Mosquito Man is trying to mate with her because they were both infected with the virus. I wish a romantic, candlelit dinner was involved between the two.

If you like B movies in the "When [insert monster name] Attacks!" you'll probably love Mosquito Man. As a monster movie, it stands pretty well on it's feet. If you're looking for more substance, story or originality, you won't find it here. Luckily, the eye candy is there to keep you entertained.

This movie sucks... (Sorry, i had to say it.)

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